This is the application for the inquiry of the Dracconian signs. Dracconian means from Dracconia, a fictitious place wherefrom dragons (dracconn) are originated. It has nothing to do with the term "draconian", but is part of the Lendahrya Trilogy. That is a work in progress whose first and second books are finished, and the third is almost done. It is enough to enter a few data correctly to discover what Dracconian Clan the consultant ideally belongs to. That is a way of observing the tendency of your energy, the way it flows more naturally, and what commonly diverts or blocks it. It is an instructive and entertaining precision tool to work with one's inner impulses and tensions, as well as the pressures coming from the interaction with simple acquaintances or possible path partners, be it in daily relationships or in those guided to a more specific intent. Let its use enlightens and entertains!

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