This is a virtual place related to the Peregrine's Path. It is aimed to the interaction between the seekers of a specific group and the registration of their steps along their journey, but it can also be used as an access door to the Path as a whole. That does not mean that there is an infinite tolerance to the daily man's ravings, but only a larger opening for those among them that look for other sense and new meanings for their aspirations and unclear motivations, particularly the ones of uncommon and vital nature at the same time, as the aspiration for the 'ideal' and the motivation to find it. Let all the sincere seekers be very welcome!

"Welcome! - Being unbound and natural is the first step to the conscious evolution.

Over here all things can be the reflex of everything else in a continuous game of light and shadows in movement. Comprehending the meaning of this movement is right now the big game itself.

Know yourself and your position at the Great Context and you will know the universe and the gods for sure.

If you do not search your inner self, this is not your game! Playing without game awareness is a sign of ignorance or presumption. Doing so you confound your goal, a direct pass for illusion and downfall.

Your primary intent in the Context shall be evolving to take responsibility for your world.

It concerns to all beings to be aware of their roles in this entanglement, so they can vibrate in a syntony even greater and this way developing the harmony that enlarges the connection with the Principle. Doing it is the intrinsic finality of the Conscious Act.

Seeking Order and Harmony is what guides us to an efficient and meaningful returning to the Principle of all principles. Remember, the world is magic and mysterious and you are part of it, as all others. Ultimately, everything contributes to the Intent of the Principle."

Excerpts from Sacrumscript