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This is the virtual context of the Peregrine's Path. Among us it is known as Periegesis, an old Greek term that is referred to the traveling cartographers' pilgrimages. Whence the term Periegesis – the Peregrine's Path. For us path means the search of the knowledge, but basically not just of the environment in its geographical aspects, as it was for the old "periegetas". The peregrine of today seeks the knowledge on the very internal structures that sustain the context. This term also has a special meaning for us and it means more than just the superficial aspects of the entourage. It refers mainly to the meaningful relationships with basis in the understanding of the Great Underlying Context. Path also carries the oriental meaning of spiritual search, but in a sence apart from the religious one. It refers first and foremost to the process of searching and accomplishing the presence here and now more than to the future traditional "religare" between man and divine. Besides, path and religion belongs to different levels of awareness, so that the daily person's general interests are not the same ones than ours. Our main interest is the returning path to the Principle.

Although in a wide sense every conscience is a peregrine in the returning path to the Principle, or the path of removal from it, among us a peregrine is the one that chooses himself. Nevertheless, volunteers are not welcome here and the distinction between both, one that chooses himself and a volunteer, is their awareness level. Choosing himself is a conscious and pertinent action, while someone offering oneself as a volunteer is not.

The Path is first and foremost practical and endless theoretical discussions are not welcome. All dialogs that happen among us are part of the practice instructed by the paragons (excellence models and mentors). Its foundations are thoroughly verifiable by any attentive observer inside the context. There is not any type of promotion whatsoever for the aim of obtaining monetary values, be them for the maintenance of a physical place or for the practice of rituals, that there are none over here, as there are no lectures, workshops or any event looking for financial donation as a condition for participation. Either there is here any type of trade, what would be entirely unacceptable.

The paragons among us are perceived as messengers of the Superior Order and they are treated as such, that is, with consideration and respect. Being a paragon is not some type of acquired status, be it in a trivial way or not, but only to have an active connection with a larger level of awareness potentially available for every individual here and now. The paragons are not masters or gurus and they are not here to be adored or idolized as the manifestations of any gods on the earth. They are wiser companions and instructors just because they already gave some further steps on the path. They instruct when and where it is pertinent, but the responsibility of walking is up to the seekers.

Just as it is not a religion, the path is not a therapy either. This is a treatment and as such it is to be used in the cure of sick people. A seeker is a healthy person. Every one intends to know oneself and the universe, be it in a conscious level or in an unconscious one and that is an aspect of sanity and integrity.

Being understood the above mentioned, there is yet to accept the rules of good education and conviviality to enter our context in a pertinent way.

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